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Resumen de vidrio
Edificio comercial en la noche

Alejandra Rios Ruiz

Sound Designer ⋆。°✩

Ambient Music Composer


Berlin / Mexico City

My cv

December 2023

March 2023

October 2022 - 2025


February 2022

January 2022

July 2021 - 

February 2022





June 2020 -

February 2021

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April 2021


January 2019 -
May 2019


My project "I Spread" was exhibited at the Zeiss Grossplanetarium in Berlin. It consists of a 4th order ambisonics composition done through original experimental musical devices. The visual media was created with touchdesigner and real 3D scannings/pointclouds of trees. 

Held a collective exhibition with my colleagues from Sound Studies at Akademie der Kunste.

 M A Sound Studies and Sonic arts at the Universität der Kunste, Berlin. 

Produced, composed and made the sound design for an exhibition at Jumex Museum, one of the most prominent contemporary art museums in Mexico City. In collaboration with Cecilia Sordo, the pieces were created in accompaniment of the visual artworks for Josué Mejía's: First Scene, entre caballos de fuerza y caballos de vapor. 

I was invited a couple of times as a guest teacher at my university in Mexico City to talk about and show audio postproduction workflows. As well as showing a bit of my work. 

Composed original music for the shortfilm Frontera, which was selected at the Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia, one of the most important film festivals in Mexico. 

I Worked as a foley operator & editor at Vaw Studio, an audio post production studio in Mexico City. The short film Pitbull, for which we did the audio postproduction was nominated for an Ariel Award, which is an award that recognizes the best of Mexican cinema. 

I successfully passed the examination and became an Avid Certified User: Pro Tools

Sound designer for the theater/film project: Better Times. I collaborated with women in the performing arts industry and musicians. It's a project that was initially conceived as a play, but became an audiovisual project as a result of the pandemic. This is a story about resisting through rap music, and finding a way to fight inequalities and violence through dancing and singing. This project was sponsored by the Sistemas de Teatros de la Ciudad de México, Department of Culture. 

Sound designer for the project Mujeres pájaro crónicas de vuelo, an audiovisual project which was meant to be performed as a play and was adapted as a film. We won a category at the Festival Internacional de Teatro Universitario (FITU), or in English "International Festival of Undergraduate Performing Arts" also hosted by the Mexican Department of Culture. 

Participated as a sound designer for the shortfilm De Elisa para mi, created at the 48 hour film project Mexico 2020. We were nominated to more than 3 categories, including Best Shortfilm. 

In December 2020, I got my Bachelor's degree with Honors in Communications. 

Worked for Kardias A.C., an  as a podcast producer.  I was I charge of a very detailed research about congenital heart diseases in children in Mexico, and had to interview many doctors in different medical disciplines as well as interviewing parents. After the research was finished, I produced an informative, journalistic podcast in order to help people and parents understand congenital heart diseases and know how to help children.

I started working freelance at radio UNAM, the radio station of the most prominent public university in Mexico. I was an audio editor, and worked in production. 

In this year, we produced En mi piel resuena tu lucha, a soundscape to honor International Women's Day, specifically the protest that takes place in Mexico every year for women's rights. We collaborated with feminist groups in Mexico to make a sonic archive of sound recorded in past protests.


We also produced Campo Algodonero, another piece made to honor the victims of the crimes committed against women (feminicide) in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.  This piece won a Honorable Mention at the Bienal Internacional de Radio, organized by the department of culture of Mexico. 

Worked at 90.9, the radio station at Universidad Iberoamericana. I was a producer and audio editor.

I worked as an assitant for Oscar nominated Sound Designer Martín Hernández. I was in charge of reading the scripts of the project and analysing the sonic ques in order to imagine how it would sound. i would make a format that would classify these sounds as foleys, SFX, backgrounds, etc.

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