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Alejandra Rios Ruiz

Sonic poetry ・。゚

Glimpse of my project "I Spread" for the Zeiss Planetarium Berlin

About me


I am a multimedia artist and sound designer based in Berlin, Germany.


I have worked in audio post production, sound design, conceptualization, and composition for audiovisual media. I am also experienced in the radio industry, having worked for prominent institutions in Mexico such as Radio UNAM. In the film industry, some of the projects I've been in have been sponsored by the Mexican Department of Culture, been exhibited at Museo Jumex (one of the most well-known contemporary art museums in Mexico), or selected at the Morelia International Film Festival 2022. 

Literature has always been a protagonist in my life,  and since I began to develop a passion for the field of sound, I have found that the intersection between poetry and hypertextual narratives with sound metaphors enable new ways of perception and creation of imageries on the edge of the ear. For this reason, several of my projects seek to explore this mediation: I want to find new forms of corporality and poetry through soundscapes, musical compositions and synthesis. 

Currently, I am researching about and creating experimental musical devices through hypothetical sonic systems that derive from the behavior, morphology, physical properties and bio networks of living organisms. For this, I have been experimenting with physical modeling synthesis, specifically Modalys, a software created by IRCAM used to model and create digital instruments emulated by analysing specific physical data of vibrating and resonant objects. I am also dedicated to investigate how data science, machine learning and AI can improve our interactions with sound as an artistic instrument, and how these tools can help us design new immersive spaces that continually learn and also mutate, giving new shapes and perspectives to our ears.Now I also work with visuals, currently experimenting with 3D scanning and pointclouds. 

Cassette Tape

What I do

Superficie de mármol

 Sound Design for audiovisual media 

Foley recording, editing and artistry

Dialogue editing and cleanup

Background editing and mixing



Multichannel Mix 

Film scoring & ambient music

Software instrument design, Physical modeling syntehsis, Create experimental musical devices from scratch

girar mesa
Superficie de mármol

Pro Tools Ultimate (certified user)


Ableton Live 11

Logic Pro X

Max msp 


Izotope RX 7

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girar mesa

Tools I work with

Sound Mixer

"What is a being consecrated to listening, formed by it or in it, listening with its whole being?"

Jean-Luc Nancy


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